Tulsa's Computer Store

When Tulsa needs a computer store, they can count on Rampart Computers. The main complaint of computer users today is "My computer is so slow." We can help. We see viruses and spyware every day, let us clean your computer. Adding a little memory, goes a long way.

Now days when everyone is ordering a computer from companies who outsource their helpdesk or make you mail your computer back for repair, why not think ahead and get a company that is local and will answer the phone when you call. Everyone needs computer help sometime, why would you want to just be a ticket number.

Our service department is not someone you have to beg to talk to, they are the ones who answer the phone. Rampart Computers is locally owned and operated. I know when you are buying that new computer or thinking of calling a computer repair service your first thought may not be where is their owner, but when you need them because your server or computer crashed and you need it now it will make the difference.

Get to know us; let us get to know you. When you build a relationship everything flows smoother. When that computer is broke you don't want to have to explain everything four or five times before it can be worked on. We get to know your business and you.

We offer onsite support for home and business. Unhooking and hooking up computers may not be the way you want to spend your time. Let us stop by, fix it, and be out of your way faster than you would take to put your computer in your car.

The Internet. The World Wide Web. As the Internet grows the need for us to use it on multiple computers in one household has grown. Wireless networking sounds simple and easy, but not if you don't know what an IP address is and where the router goes. What is the difference between the modem and the router? We can send someone to your site (home or business) and have you working safe and secure.