A Bixby Computer Store

This is about how and why we are here. I grew up in Bixby, Oklahoma and started working on computers when 286s and XTs were the norm. The first hard drives I worked with were 10-20MB, yes meg not gig. I had a Lunchbox computer it was the first one I owned it was an 8086. Then my uncle gave me a 286 12 MHz (My a phone is faster now than that computer). I installed memory and a sound card, the sound card was a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro. I got the memory in the system up to 512K and back then it was dip chips, they look like lose ICs. My brother bought a 386DX later and I bought a hard drive for that system. It was a 200MB hard drive and I paid $400. Back in those days I would work on PCs that people were throwing away. I wanted to go to work for a computer store. Then I decided I would do one better, I would open a Computer Store. I loved going to the Computer Store in Tulsa, back then they had bins full of cables and cards. Computers were still new to the market.

After I got out of High-school and vo-tech I went to work for a Computer Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma named PC Tech. It was at 68th and Memorial, there is a Wal-Mart sitting there now. I worked there for awhile and a small business owner asked me to run network cable and set up his small 7 computer network. I then decided it was time I quit the computer store and went out on my own. That was great and it lasted a while and then I got offered a job working on a large network that spread across Oklahoma. I would have to drive a lot and would be able to still moonlight for my other clients. The company taught me a lot about networks and it was one of the best real world networking experiences I had. Crimping RJ-45 end is something I do it in my sleep now. The company downsized, so I went to work for the number 2 accounting firm in the US. I worked with a team and in a corporate environment. I saw the bad and the good. I was still able to moonlight and gained more clients. I also learned my programming skills while I was there.

That brings us pretty close to today. I saw that it was time to leave that firm so I hired an employee. We opened a Computer Store in Bixby, Oklahoma. I wanted to open the store in Bixby because this is where I live and grew up. We service the Greater Tulsa area and Muskogee. We have clients that have us come out monthly for maintenance on servers and workstations. We also have some that use us for there IT department. But we wanted a store front for home users to bring their Computers into for repair and service. One of the most needed services we have seen is Virus and Spyware removal.

You may work as a plumber or an administrative assistant; you sell cars or real estate. You strive to know how to do your job the best way it can be done. This is the same with us, even as the owner I still would rather be troubleshooting a computer than playing golf. Our goal is to help our customers get what they need to make their computer run like it should. Sometimes this is simply a good cleaning of the programs in the startup. Other times it is more memory. Sometimes you just need a new computer. We want to help you with a subject that may not be your best subject. So if your Computer isn’t doing what you want it to do or you want a new computer, we can fix your old one or build a new custom computer that fits you.

James Hoos
Owner Rampart Computers